Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Candles Made ​​of Natural Beeswax

Handmade candles made ​​of natural beeswax. To create these candles we use the so-called hourly basis (a waxy plaque with hexagon patterns) that you originally used as the beginnings of beehive frames in which the bees build on the honeycomb, which is then filled with honey.

This candle is ATTRACTIVE looks, smells of beeswax from which it is made ​​of fire and gives a special atmosphere for melting wax to create so-called tears.

Well it looks like a decorative element in a home with us is unusual for such a candle burning for at Christmas time in the container and wheat, or on the table during the Easter holidays because it creates special atmosphere.

Good to know that the candles made ​​of natural beeswax Burning wax melts and is deposited on the dish in which the candle is such that the total mass of candles only a small fraction ends up in the air in the form of chemical compounds as paraffin candles that still prevail in the use of complete with all its weight into the air in the form of chemical compounds that are deposited on the walls of the room where the above. This is a problem with the valuable religious buildings where these compounds accumulate in the frescoes and icons that are damaged, and in such facilities is recommended only candles made ​​of natural beeswax.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

How to Make a Candlestick from Paper

Was an unusual atmosphere at any gathering of friends, or relax in the quiet of home, and maybe with each meal, creating a lit candle.However, a problem we know if we have to create inappropriately sized candlesticks or candle holders, inappropriate or does not put anything underneath.
The following text is filled with suggestions on how to make handle, something like a candle, the candle of the smaller pieces of old newspapers. From the newspapers will make smaller pieces that you will roll it all together and merge into a form that you want.This paper pasted together and are very strong and unusual in appearance. If you have not yet made ​​a candle to our previous instructions suggest that you do, and you will get a unique set. 
To create such a candlestick you will need these materials:
-old newspapers (preferably wax paper, the choice might take into account another criterion: a patchwork of newspaper and paper)
-wooden pen
Step by step instructions for making the candlestick
First Once you've gathered all the material, we will first deal cutting pieces of paper from the newspaper. Since the greaseproof paper is slightly heavier than normal, it would be best if you find this, but if you can not find it with just plain plastic tape. This method works on the principle of unity and strength. It often happens that we remain without a day when we watch fighters who propagated a martial art and proved its strength lies in the fact that many knives, nails. Just plain paper folded could not withstand the weight of the candles, but when they are more costly to them you can put a candle of any size and weight. When you cut the newspaper, you need to decide how much height you want for your unusual candle holder on the basis that cut out small pieces of paper. Particular attention should be paid to the fact that you choose the length and breadth, all the other pieces of paper must be identical with them. In this example, pieces of paper the width of 6 cm and a length of 23cm.
svijecnjak od papira1 
svijecnjak od papira1 
Second Since you cut newspaper in the desired size, now you need to create them roll shapes. It is best to make as few pieces roll attach them to one another. To avoid too much pressure to rolled paper, grab a pencil and pass through a rolled and jump from one side with glue. Repeat with the next roll of paper and connect the two. All other pieces stick to the rolls of one of the crowd making something like a hexagon or a shape that you want and imagine. To create a candlestick in this example, it took about 163 rolls of paper.
svijecnjak od papira3 
svijecnjak od papira3 
Third Since you have made in the preferred form of the candlestick, and yet you just left that put the candle on top to enjoy the light.Special attention here is that the request concerns the precautions because it is a flammable material, you need to be careful not to burn candles to the end, or as a preventive measure under the candles put small pieces of foil that will be a small loom. This preparation does not require much time or material resources, and is quite nice to look.
svijecnjak od papira5 
svijecnjak od papira5 
svijeca i svijecnjak rucni rad 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Make your own candle of gel-wax!


Candles of gel-wax are longer than ordinary, while they can combine their ornamentation, color and odor. Making effective gel candles is easier than you think, and thereby also entertainment. Why are not you in fact tried, and you? Here's how!

- Gel-Wax
- Glass container
- Sand, rocks or soil
- color
- wick
- ornaments
- Little time :-)

First, certain matter a little put gel in a bowl over a pot with boiling water to melt. Place the wick in the middle of the glass bowl (or use the tree so that the tip of the pen wick wrap around a pencil and place it on the glass to the wick remains upright while pour gel).Bottom bowl sprinkle sand or gravel. When the gel has melted,enjoy a little bit of paint and stir it until the desired shade. Then pour the gel into a glass container to a height you want.
When the gel wax has cooled, arrange the decorations on it. If you are sensitive to high temperature, make sure you do not agree too close to the wick. Gel-Wax Heat again, add another color and re-fill the container already cooled down. So you can make another tour,with new pigment. In this case we made ​​the marine candle. At the bottom is sand, then a layer of dark blue wax, and light blue wax where ornamental fish and green wax on the end. Of course, the choice of colors and decorations is large and depends on your wishes!


Monday, March 19, 2012

Easter Candle

With Easter Sunday eggs are traditionally associated, which are indispensable symbol of this holiday season. But other than Easter eggs, the eggs can develop other appropriate decorations. For example, the Easter candle.
Candle is an integral part of any formal dining, a holiday table this Easter dress you to perfection if you are on it, among other decorations such finds and the occasional candle. Preparation is simple and fast and can be done in parallel with the coloring of Easter eggs. Well, why not try?

Candle making are needed fresh eggs, color eggs, paraffin wax and a piece of thin string. The first part of the procedure is equivalent to making Easter eggs. Fresh eggs should first "blow". To do so the uncooked egg on top and bottom of the shell and make you blow a hole from one side to the interior venting. Then wash the shell as best you can, and when dry paint the stroke it just as you would to create an egg.

In the second phase of candles, carefully break the egg so that you can separate the upper shell and remove the "cap". Close the hole that was left at the bottom of the shell, and for this you may use transparent adhesive. Melt the wax in the fire. Cut a thin piece of string and wrap one end around a toothpick or a large tree, so that the other end hangs. Holding the toothpick in the air to the bottom line then set the environment and prepared and painted shell holding it upright. Then slowly pour the melted wax while holding toothpick line then that will serve as a wick. After you have poured the wax to the top of all leave to cool in a place where you did that when you move the wax would not be spilled. Take a toothpick from the wick after the candle is fully hardened, while the cooling time somewhere Snap the toothpick to hold the line will not be as inflammation of the wax.

After the wax hardens and you'll get a nice commemorative Easter candle, which you can set the table in small candlesticks or pots for serving boiled eggs. If you are in making a candle the eggs break, do not worry. Colored pieces of shells can paste to cart in which to put the eggs on the table, or you can stick to a fine piece of cardboard and so make greetings.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Candlestick and Vase

Rope is the law! All will give a rustic feel. Candlestick I did so I small glass aquarium (or a small glass jar wide neck) to the middle layer of wrapped string (Fig. 1), stuck a few shells (Fig. 2), and then carefully glued one layer of rope. In the same way I am from plain glass bottle vase made​​.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Candles for Massage


Drown in the glow and flickering candles to massage. Made from natural soy wax, butter and apricot oil. When burning, the wax with delightful scent slowly melts and turns into a luxurious massage oil.The formula is specially designed to nourish your skin and moistened with natural vitamin E, while a subtle fragrance excites your senses and prepare for the delights that follow. Candle burns up to 36 hours.

You can choose between many seductive scent and be sure that one of them will suit your mood:
 - Pomegranate & Black Pepper - Black Pepper and Pomegranate
 - Vanilla creme de cocoa & - vanilla and cocoa cream
 - Snow pear & Cedar wood - Pear and Cedar



Sunday, March 11, 2012

Scented Candles Alert


In recent years their sales have grown to enormous proportions because they are in some ways become an indispensable addition to the time for yourself, but watch out - their toxins like cigarette smoke. Few homes that are not pervasive smell of scented candles.We are putting them to smell the room, made ​​a romantic atmosphere or increase the pleasure of bathing in warm baths. But,whether scented candles which elevates mood actually be harmful?

Studies have shown that some scented candles in the smoke released toxic substances almost as much as cigarette smoke.Their detrimental effect is particularly prominent because they are usually burned in poorly ventilated rooms, like bathrooms or during evenings when the windows are mostly closed, and the release of chemicals can cause contamination of the room that is large enough to increase the risk of developing asthma, eczema and skin problems.

So if you already can not resist, treat yourself to those expensive versions made ​​from beeswax or soy, which rarely cause problems.Problematic are just cheaper ones, which are the most commonly purchased, and are made of paraffin wax, a byproduct of the petroleum industry. They released a number of compounds that can be problematic for health.

U.S. researchers who conducted the study say that occasional use is unlikely to have negative effects, but their daily burning for several years and is often used in bathrooms, for example, can cause problems.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Candles with Stars

Ordinary candles into a holiday in a few minutes.

Materials and Supplies:

- Candles in gold and purple shades
- Chips of wax in gold and purple shades
- Decorative strips of wax in the golden hues
- Fiskars cutter motif ("nibbling") star-shaped 

First Wax plates, along with paper and nylon protection push the cutter designs. Cut a few stars.

Second Remove the paper and adhere the desired location on the candle. No need for glue, they will be joined by heat wax hands.Remove the nylon coating if it has (some tiles have it, some do not)

Third From decorative strip cut strip to the bottom edge and decorate candles, and the rest cut small stars.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Candlestick With Beads

Decorate ordinary glass with tiny glass beads and instantly you will get a small candle for a romantic dinner for two. In addition to glass and beads, you will need a two-sided adhesive tape which you will create a place where you want to beads.

First Punch it 
Second Peel a protection
Third Coat the beads

 Two-sided adhesive tape cut in shapes that you want to fill beads. If you want to facilitate the formation of "Punch It" cutters, on both sides of the tape put plain paper. Two-sided adhesive tape can be bought in all well-stocked shops with tools and electrical material.

 When you cut the tape into desired shapes, peel her protection on the one hand and the glass paste. Then remove the top protective nylon.

 On a shallow plate Pour red and tiny translucent beads. A glass of "roll" the beads and they will be accepted at the point where the tape. Sticky fingers press the little beads and fill the place where you are not satisfied with the density.

We're sure you'll like this technique because it is extremely fast and simple, and effective results. In the same way, with beads and plastic substrate for Window Color, you can create a mobile that will be nice because of the beads sparkle.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Candle Making Basic Tips

When make your own candles is basically between the candle making and marbling distinguished. Foot candle making is a candle wick dipped several times after cooling-down in growth. It can be generally selected from three types of wax: paraffin 54 C, or paraffin 56 and 58 C. At each dip wax process remains to be produced at the candle, the wick or stick to the candle the required thickness adduced. With a dip basket, several candles are produced simultaneously. With several of these diving and baskets are processed consecutively without cooling-down. The finished candles are cut off with scissors and separated. Afterward, they can be hung on a rack to cool. This description of the drawing of candles is common in large-scale production.
In the small domestic production, it is recommended that single candle with the wick to dip into liquid wax until the desired thickness adduced by the respective candle. The principle of candle making is the same, it's just not possible, several candles, how to make the large-scale production, with the necessary equipment for your home. The marbling is recommended however, very small candles for domestic production. Several not fully hardened wax layers are wrapped around the candle wick and rolled, until the respective candle adduced the desired thickness. In the commercial wax coatings for marbling, rag rolling, or rolling technique of candles are available.
They are usually so soft that they can be easily wrapped around the candle wick, otherwise the wax layers to heat up slightly and then be used for the production of candles. The layers of wax must not be melted too soft. The candle wax is available in different colors. In the marbling, the wound with small candles made of wax patterns are provided. Creative candle decor can thus easily make at home.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Magic of Candle

Candles are one of the oldest and most powerful tool in magic but in other religions. In magical rituals are an element of fire and is usually placed in the center or at the top of the Pentagram. Each color has a different symbolism of candles and a different power.
White candle represents inspiration, increases our knowledge and sometimes helps to solve unsolvable problems.
Blue candles protected from harm and helps the healing of various diseases. The yellow candle represents spiritual love.
Red candles represent true love, and our sexual activity. This color is used for the rituals of seduction, sexual attraction.
Green candle opens new beginnings as a new job or download anew career, strengthens friendships. Used to success in any field.
Black candles are used by black magic. With her invoking dark forces, demons - that someone did something bad, but it also may represent a new beginning and life.
Purple candles increases our contact with the spirit world and are commonly used in seances conjuring of dead people (souls).
Candle color silver protects from envy and jealousy.
Golden candle affect good health and the accumulation of money.Purple candles operates at the level of spirituality, and helping to establish the overall spiritual balance. It is very important in the world of mysticism.