Thursday, February 16, 2012

Making Candle from Gel Wax

Gel Wax  is a special kind of wax prepared in the form of jelly (gel), and is characterized by much slower burning than regular candles. Gel wax allows unlimited combinations of the "game" in the creation of their own decorative candles, which, again with the addition of smell, and can be scented.

WAX GEL program includes:

- Transparent (colorless, transparent) gel wax packaged in smaller and larger doses and buckets
- Pigments for coloring gel wax (yellow, orange, green, red, blue)
- Gel wax colors, packaged in small doses (yellow, orange, blue, red and green)
- Special wick to gel wax (8 and 15 cm)
To create a decorative candle gel wax ideal variety of glass, transparent cups, bowls and other interesting containers made of glass.

Gel wax is to be made candles, should be first dissolved in a wide bowl with shallower water (half filled with water to containers) put the container with gel wax (preferably a glass jar or tin with a wide aperture or similar container with a handle for easy handling ) and heated at a temperature of 90-95 ° C until all the gel wax is melted and become liquid. During the whole operation is best to leave the container with water and gel wax at high temperature on the stove so that the gel wax remains in the liquid state.
Melting wax should monitor and ensure that the vessel is always enough water!

NOTE: Gel wax MUST NOT melt in the microwave!


Candles can made in two ways:
- Layer after layer of colored gel wax - after each pouring wax into a glass container should wait until the previous one squeezed, cooled
- Color mixing and dilution with a transparent gel wax - colored gel (alone or in combination with a transparent gel) is poured on each other without cooling)
The procedure consists in the fact that the selected glass cup or bowl first set up the wick with a metal plate (add a decorative material of choice, or skip this part) allow to gel wax wick which is attached to cool completely and then flow the liquid gel layer by layer or at once. To insert the wick, there are two ways - on that later.


To prepare the candles used by all types of glass, translucent glass and container. For the decoration of candles can be used natural and artificial materials - shells, stones, sand, coins, various figurines (made of glass, wood, plastic and plaster, and some mass-FIMO modeling, Quantity, etc.), beads, dried flowers and twigs, sand, wax, etc. If you intend to use a candle for use, it is necessary to avoid flammable decorative materials. Decorative materials are placed along the wall of the cup or bowl so that the gel attached, or tap into the gel has cooled somewhat in the glass - watch out for the decorative materials that are not next to the wick, if the candle will be in use. The partially cooled gel can be easily inject tiny pebbles or beads, which will remain scattered somewhere in the gel.

It can be installed in 2 ways: before and after filling gel. If placed before the filling, then the metal plate soaked in gel wax and a wick is placed at the bottom of the cup in the middle, waiting to be totally cool - squeezed gel around the wick continues to adding gel and add decorative materials. Wick in the course of work can not move, so you can help with the two sticks that you abide by the wick, or one arm and another way adhere to work with the gel. Another way to put the wick after filling gel - glasses are filled with gel and possibly decorative materials, let it cool completely and then heated metal needle penetrate the gel in the middle of the cup and insert the wick (this time without the metal plate). Wick should be cut so that protrudes above the surface about 5 mm - otherwise it creates a high cut-off fuse, and burns, unsightly stains on the surface of gel candles.


If you want to get a candle - a clear and transparent, wax is poured slowly into a heated glass (glass can be warmed up with hairdryer).
If you want to get the bubbles to the wax flows in an unheated glass from a height, in a thin stream, and after filling the mixed gel wand - while working with gel wax, you will also discover many opportunities to create additional effects.

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