Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Aromatherapy and Candles


Aromatherapy has long been known that the art of using plant oils used for the treatment, purification, and relaxation. Aromatherapy achieves harmony between body and mind that is often violated. If you want to incorporate aromatherapy into your offer, it is necessary to know that this is indeed a discipline-specific and requires not only a good physical therapist and masseur, but a good psychologist. Oils and essences used in aromatherapy treatments of a crucial impact on the quality and effectiveness of treatment.
Essential oils used in aromatherapy are highly concentrated, lighter than water (do not dissolve in water, but floating on the surface), are highly volatile and evaporate quickly. These aromatic essences is handled carefully and it is rarely used alone, and often in combination with some mild oil or in combination with water. The process of extraction, obtaining the essential oil is very complicated and time consuming, so it is not surprising that some of these oils are very expensive. Essential oils can be obtained from various parts of plants, the flower, root, leaf, seed .Impact on the human body essential oils exercise in 2 ways: through the senses of smell and through the bloodstream. Inhalation of vapors of essential oils quickly and effectively impact on humans.Given the highly concentrated essential oils easily penetrate skin. Essential oil can be used in several ways. Inhalation, rubbing, improvement of bathing water, rinsing the mouth and throat are just some of the ways to use essential oils. Inhalation with essential oils is a very good way to solve some problems, such as colds, but can not be used in people who suffer from asthma. Therapeutic massage can be based on the use of essential oils. Essential oils can be put in a diffuser or vaporizer (aroma lamps). Add a few drops of oil in the preheated water will fulfill a room fragrance Sense of smell that will provide a specific atmosphere. Bathing in water enriched with aromatic oil is also an experience that strengthens the senses. It is not uncommon even to the essential oils used in saunas. Water enriched with essential oil is used for spillover of stones, which further accelerates the detoxification of the body. Essential oils are used in making candles. Aromatherapy is actually very complex, because it provides a comprehensive feeling. Client can afford atmosphere using whatever means the entire allocator of aromatic oils. You can offer him a bath in water enriched with aromatic oil, enriched in the room smell aromatic candles. You can recommend him going to the sauna which uses water enriched with aromatic oil.You can give him a massage with essential oils, amended a specific scent of aromatic oils. But before you are able and able to advise clients in connection with aromatherapy, you must be fully aware of the complexity of this task. Aromatherapy is a whole philosophy, not just mixing oils to provide customer satisfaction.Since aromatherapy into the mode, the number of individuals, and various lounges, centers, etc. that want to incorporate aromatherapy into their services.Do not forget that the atmosphere is very important, so fire up aroma candles, turn on relaxing ambient music, turn off your mobilephone and television, and your body cleansing treatment can begin.

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