Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Candle Making Safety

While the majority of the tips in this article do pretty obvious andfamiliar yet startling fact is how fires annually cause the irresponsible handling of hot wax.


  1. Always be ready and hold close to several boxes of baking soda and fire extinguisher.
  2. Never use water from a fire candle wax as this will only spread fire.
  3. Treat burned wax candles as well as burning fat or oil.
  4. Always supervise the process of melting wax.
  5. Always use a clean tool for making candles and must clean the furnace before melting wax.
  6. Keep flammable materials away from your work environment.
  7. Follow the manufacturer's instructions and pay attention to safety tips from the instructions.
  8. Adjust the heat on the stove still needs to go gradually from low to high temperatures. 
  9. Never adjust immediately to the maximum heat furnaces.
  10. Use the wax melter or double boiler and do not wax exhibitdirectly to the heat source.
  11. Required to wear protective clothing as prescribed by the suppliers of materials used for making candles.
  12. Working environment must be ventilated and never work in a completely enclosed space.
  13. Candle making supplies to keep out of reach of children.
  14. Ecologically remove any waste arising during the process of making candles.
  15. Set the smoke alarm in the room in which you make candles.
  16. Working area must be flat and protected.
  17. Keep close to a bucket of cold water in case of minor burns and never use that water for fire fighting.
  18. In case of serious burns must go to the hospital and doctors for help.

It was a couple of tips intended for those who are engaged in this interesting and useful occupation and to avoid the dangers that lurk in the game with wax.

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