Monday, February 27, 2012

Making Candles from Beeswax


Historians believe that the first candles made ​​from beeswax in ancient Egypt, and despite thousands of years of continuous technological progress, beeswax, and still ranks among the best materials for making candles. In the world you can still find consolidated beeswax from the mold, ready for hour basis in craft stores and the beekeeper as a candle or perhaps a piece of Christmas tree, but with just a little extra time and effort of their own work for a lot less money, you can do your own candle of fine unrefined beeswax, which will be done with the room light fragrance.
If you do not have any chance of his bees, which will make it"technological miracle" that only they can produce, you may be able to buy the unrefined form as the raw material supplied to the local apiary. Well besides many merchants and industrial plants are also a wonder of honey bees also purchase right there - the apiary. Certainly, if at all possible, avoid buying beeswax in retail stores, but if there is no indication 100% pure beeswax. Namely, in order to have the largest and most diverse faster earnings profiles intermediaries, dealers and processors of beewax and parafin blended or other products that do not slow up as beeswax, does not smell like beeswax or have its attributes, but often look very much like a bee wax.
If you get or purchased the beeswax in the unprocessed form of the same should first be cleaned of dirt and remaining honey. Try to buy beeswax with which it has fewer impurities and honey. Especially ifthe honey fermented odor can significantly change your futurecandles. Put it all together you have bought in a special pot that you do not need, then pour over hot water and gradually heat up totemperatures of about 70-80 ° C. When the mixture is dissolved so keep some time around 10 - 15 minutes the temperature of liquids.Allow to cool and then remove your wax. Use the top of the wax as itis reserved by some kind of bottom trunje and the like. You candetach when the hot mixture by filtration through gauze.Now you have the wax is ready to create your candles. To get a lighter wax and bound calcium from the water and prevent water emulsion wax and add a liter of clean water and a kilogram of wax approximately 3 grams of oxalic acid. Each beekeeper will need to be separated so it was purchased in beeswax.


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