Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fast Candle Making Info

Rooms in the house or apartment should be an oasis of peace and relaxing place in which to stay after a busy day. With a little creativity you can make beautiful scented candles that will brighten up your space and create a unique atmosphere.

We bring you a proven recipe for candle wax from the plant, which is made from soybean oil. Of course, it's not about edible soybeans have a natural alternative to paraffin. Not only that but it will smell better and last twice as long.

You will need:
- Wicks for candles
- Scouring Wicks                
- Soy wax flakes
- Bits of wax
- Color
- Mold
- Fragrant oil
- Pots for cooking
- Wooden spoon

Sheets of wax put in a pot and heat over low heat and allow to become liquid.

During this time, prepare the mold. At the bottom should have a small hole through which you can pull the wick, which must be twice longer than the mold.

Firstly thread the wick through the sponge, and then the metal part that is usually supplied with a wick. When you do this at the top firmly tie the knot.

Thread the wick tied through the mold so that you sponge touches the bottom of the pan. Attach it to stick on the other side and tie.Make sure to stay in the middle.

In the mold, add pieces of wax. Do you have an old candle, you can dismember and use.

The melted wax, add color and fragrant oil. Stir until the mixture does not melt, then pour into the mold.

Wax can be squeezed until it cools, so you can still occasionally refill the hot wax if you want to stay regular.

After 24 hours you can take out a candle from the mold.

It is best to do it before the wax hardens completely. Why? The bottom of the mold is actually the upper part of the candle, so it would be desirable that the part that is attached to a stick cut as close to the candle. The rest you will easily be impressed if a candle has completely hardened.

Turn the mold so that you can cut the part attached to the sponge and remove the finished candle. Be careful not to cut off too, because it is out with a candle that will burn.

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