Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fire and Flame - The creation of a wedding candle


They are beautiful to look at, belonging to the table festive and easy to radiate warmth and comfort to the candles, there are in all shapes and colors. But do you really know how candle is made? Candles can be a variety of ways:
Candle is pressed
Cheapest way to manufacture candles, presses. This powder or wax cylinder in one or more seals are pressed. The pressure in the powder can be difficult. Finally, the shape is always brief candle to get the desired color.
Candle is poured
The candle wax casting is ongoing. This liquid flows into the present form. The materials of the form may be different. Pillar candles or taper candles are, therefore, usually poured into metal molds and plaster or plastic molds. The unusual shapes (such as animal shapes, letters, naming candles.) Usually silicone molds.
Candle is pulled
By drawing candle is made of custom-made device, Wick with the tractor in hot liquid wax. In depression, the caliber is called the excess wax is removed. Here are so many repetitions, while the candle has reached the right size.
Candle is extruded
Also in candle making to draw using the so-called gauge is used.Here, waxy mass at a fixed temperature is pushing through this break, until the desired shape and size is obtained.
Candle dipping
As the name suggests, that this type of candle wick dipping in wax production. This process is repeated until the desired shape and thickness of the candle is made​​.
Candle is kneaded
In this type of candle making, hot wax is poured in the pot or pots and kept in a tank at a constant temperature heat, to knead by hand on the ground. This delicate as a candle with lots of ornaments or hand-shaped candles, flowers / fruit candles.

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