Friday, March 2, 2012

Magic of Candle

Candles are one of the oldest and most powerful tool in magic but in other religions. In magical rituals are an element of fire and is usually placed in the center or at the top of the Pentagram. Each color has a different symbolism of candles and a different power.
White candle represents inspiration, increases our knowledge and sometimes helps to solve unsolvable problems.
Blue candles protected from harm and helps the healing of various diseases. The yellow candle represents spiritual love.
Red candles represent true love, and our sexual activity. This color is used for the rituals of seduction, sexual attraction.
Green candle opens new beginnings as a new job or download anew career, strengthens friendships. Used to success in any field.
Black candles are used by black magic. With her invoking dark forces, demons - that someone did something bad, but it also may represent a new beginning and life.
Purple candles increases our contact with the spirit world and are commonly used in seances conjuring of dead people (souls).
Candle color silver protects from envy and jealousy.
Golden candle affect good health and the accumulation of money.Purple candles operates at the level of spirituality, and helping to establish the overall spiritual balance. It is very important in the world of mysticism.

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