Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Candles Made ​​of Natural Beeswax

Handmade candles made ​​of natural beeswax. To create these candles we use the so-called hourly basis (a waxy plaque with hexagon patterns) that you originally used as the beginnings of beehive frames in which the bees build on the honeycomb, which is then filled with honey.

This candle is ATTRACTIVE looks, smells of beeswax from which it is made ​​of fire and gives a special atmosphere for melting wax to create so-called tears.

Well it looks like a decorative element in a home with us is unusual for such a candle burning for at Christmas time in the container and wheat, or on the table during the Easter holidays because it creates special atmosphere.

Good to know that the candles made ​​of natural beeswax Burning wax melts and is deposited on the dish in which the candle is such that the total mass of candles only a small fraction ends up in the air in the form of chemical compounds as paraffin candles that still prevail in the use of complete with all its weight into the air in the form of chemical compounds that are deposited on the walls of the room where the above. This is a problem with the valuable religious buildings where these compounds accumulate in the frescoes and icons that are damaged, and in such facilities is recommended only candles made ​​of natural beeswax.

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