Monday, March 19, 2012

Easter Candle

With Easter Sunday eggs are traditionally associated, which are indispensable symbol of this holiday season. But other than Easter eggs, the eggs can develop other appropriate decorations. For example, the Easter candle.
Candle is an integral part of any formal dining, a holiday table this Easter dress you to perfection if you are on it, among other decorations such finds and the occasional candle. Preparation is simple and fast and can be done in parallel with the coloring of Easter eggs. Well, why not try?

Candle making are needed fresh eggs, color eggs, paraffin wax and a piece of thin string. The first part of the procedure is equivalent to making Easter eggs. Fresh eggs should first "blow". To do so the uncooked egg on top and bottom of the shell and make you blow a hole from one side to the interior venting. Then wash the shell as best you can, and when dry paint the stroke it just as you would to create an egg.

In the second phase of candles, carefully break the egg so that you can separate the upper shell and remove the "cap". Close the hole that was left at the bottom of the shell, and for this you may use transparent adhesive. Melt the wax in the fire. Cut a thin piece of string and wrap one end around a toothpick or a large tree, so that the other end hangs. Holding the toothpick in the air to the bottom line then set the environment and prepared and painted shell holding it upright. Then slowly pour the melted wax while holding toothpick line then that will serve as a wick. After you have poured the wax to the top of all leave to cool in a place where you did that when you move the wax would not be spilled. Take a toothpick from the wick after the candle is fully hardened, while the cooling time somewhere Snap the toothpick to hold the line will not be as inflammation of the wax.

After the wax hardens and you'll get a nice commemorative Easter candle, which you can set the table in small candlesticks or pots for serving boiled eggs. If you are in making a candle the eggs break, do not worry. Colored pieces of shells can paste to cart in which to put the eggs on the table, or you can stick to a fine piece of cardboard and so make greetings.

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