Monday, March 5, 2012

Candle Making Basic Tips

When make your own candles is basically between the candle making and marbling distinguished. Foot candle making is a candle wick dipped several times after cooling-down in growth. It can be generally selected from three types of wax: paraffin 54 C, or paraffin 56 and 58 C. At each dip wax process remains to be produced at the candle, the wick or stick to the candle the required thickness adduced. With a dip basket, several candles are produced simultaneously. With several of these diving and baskets are processed consecutively without cooling-down. The finished candles are cut off with scissors and separated. Afterward, they can be hung on a rack to cool. This description of the drawing of candles is common in large-scale production.
In the small domestic production, it is recommended that single candle with the wick to dip into liquid wax until the desired thickness adduced by the respective candle. The principle of candle making is the same, it's just not possible, several candles, how to make the large-scale production, with the necessary equipment for your home. The marbling is recommended however, very small candles for domestic production. Several not fully hardened wax layers are wrapped around the candle wick and rolled, until the respective candle adduced the desired thickness. In the commercial wax coatings for marbling, rag rolling, or rolling technique of candles are available.
They are usually so soft that they can be easily wrapped around the candle wick, otherwise the wax layers to heat up slightly and then be used for the production of candles. The layers of wax must not be melted too soft. The candle wax is available in different colors. In the marbling, the wound with small candles made of wax patterns are provided. Creative candle decor can thus easily make at home.

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