Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Make your own candle of gel-wax!


Candles of gel-wax are longer than ordinary, while they can combine their ornamentation, color and odor. Making effective gel candles is easier than you think, and thereby also entertainment. Why are not you in fact tried, and you? Here's how!

- Gel-Wax
- Glass container
- Sand, rocks or soil
- color
- wick
- ornaments
- Little time :-)

First, certain matter a little put gel in a bowl over a pot with boiling water to melt. Place the wick in the middle of the glass bowl (or use the tree so that the tip of the pen wick wrap around a pencil and place it on the glass to the wick remains upright while pour gel).Bottom bowl sprinkle sand or gravel. When the gel has melted,enjoy a little bit of paint and stir it until the desired shade. Then pour the gel into a glass container to a height you want.
When the gel wax has cooled, arrange the decorations on it. If you are sensitive to high temperature, make sure you do not agree too close to the wick. Gel-Wax Heat again, add another color and re-fill the container already cooled down. So you can make another tour,with new pigment. In this case we made ​​the marine candle. At the bottom is sand, then a layer of dark blue wax, and light blue wax where ornamental fish and green wax on the end. Of course, the choice of colors and decorations is large and depends on your wishes!


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