Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Candlestick With Beads

Decorate ordinary glass with tiny glass beads and instantly you will get a small candle for a romantic dinner for two. In addition to glass and beads, you will need a two-sided adhesive tape which you will create a place where you want to beads.

First Punch it 
Second Peel a protection
Third Coat the beads

 Two-sided adhesive tape cut in shapes that you want to fill beads. If you want to facilitate the formation of "Punch It" cutters, on both sides of the tape put plain paper. Two-sided adhesive tape can be bought in all well-stocked shops with tools and electrical material.

 When you cut the tape into desired shapes, peel her protection on the one hand and the glass paste. Then remove the top protective nylon.

 On a shallow plate Pour red and tiny translucent beads. A glass of "roll" the beads and they will be accepted at the point where the tape. Sticky fingers press the little beads and fill the place where you are not satisfied with the density.

We're sure you'll like this technique because it is extremely fast and simple, and effective results. In the same way, with beads and plastic substrate for Window Color, you can create a mobile that will be nice because of the beads sparkle.

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