Sunday, March 25, 2012

How to Make a Candlestick from Paper

Was an unusual atmosphere at any gathering of friends, or relax in the quiet of home, and maybe with each meal, creating a lit candle.However, a problem we know if we have to create inappropriately sized candlesticks or candle holders, inappropriate or does not put anything underneath.
The following text is filled with suggestions on how to make handle, something like a candle, the candle of the smaller pieces of old newspapers. From the newspapers will make smaller pieces that you will roll it all together and merge into a form that you want.This paper pasted together and are very strong and unusual in appearance. If you have not yet made ​​a candle to our previous instructions suggest that you do, and you will get a unique set. 
To create such a candlestick you will need these materials:
-old newspapers (preferably wax paper, the choice might take into account another criterion: a patchwork of newspaper and paper)
-wooden pen
Step by step instructions for making the candlestick
First Once you've gathered all the material, we will first deal cutting pieces of paper from the newspaper. Since the greaseproof paper is slightly heavier than normal, it would be best if you find this, but if you can not find it with just plain plastic tape. This method works on the principle of unity and strength. It often happens that we remain without a day when we watch fighters who propagated a martial art and proved its strength lies in the fact that many knives, nails. Just plain paper folded could not withstand the weight of the candles, but when they are more costly to them you can put a candle of any size and weight. When you cut the newspaper, you need to decide how much height you want for your unusual candle holder on the basis that cut out small pieces of paper. Particular attention should be paid to the fact that you choose the length and breadth, all the other pieces of paper must be identical with them. In this example, pieces of paper the width of 6 cm and a length of 23cm.
svijecnjak od papira1 
svijecnjak od papira1 
Second Since you cut newspaper in the desired size, now you need to create them roll shapes. It is best to make as few pieces roll attach them to one another. To avoid too much pressure to rolled paper, grab a pencil and pass through a rolled and jump from one side with glue. Repeat with the next roll of paper and connect the two. All other pieces stick to the rolls of one of the crowd making something like a hexagon or a shape that you want and imagine. To create a candlestick in this example, it took about 163 rolls of paper.
svijecnjak od papira3 
svijecnjak od papira3 
Third Since you have made in the preferred form of the candlestick, and yet you just left that put the candle on top to enjoy the light.Special attention here is that the request concerns the precautions because it is a flammable material, you need to be careful not to burn candles to the end, or as a preventive measure under the candles put small pieces of foil that will be a small loom. This preparation does not require much time or material resources, and is quite nice to look.
svijecnjak od papira5 
svijecnjak od papira5 
svijeca i svijecnjak rucni rad 

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