Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fire and Flame - The creation of a wedding candle


They are beautiful to look at, belonging to the table festive and easy to radiate warmth and comfort to the candles, there are in all shapes and colors. But do you really know how candle is made? Candles can be a variety of ways:
Candle is pressed
Cheapest way to manufacture candles, presses. This powder or wax cylinder in one or more seals are pressed. The pressure in the powder can be difficult. Finally, the shape is always brief candle to get the desired color.
Candle is poured
The candle wax casting is ongoing. This liquid flows into the present form. The materials of the form may be different. Pillar candles or taper candles are, therefore, usually poured into metal molds and plaster or plastic molds. The unusual shapes (such as animal shapes, letters, naming candles.) Usually silicone molds.
Candle is pulled
By drawing candle is made of custom-made device, Wick with the tractor in hot liquid wax. In depression, the caliber is called the excess wax is removed. Here are so many repetitions, while the candle has reached the right size.
Candle is extruded
Also in candle making to draw using the so-called gauge is used.Here, waxy mass at a fixed temperature is pushing through this break, until the desired shape and size is obtained.
Candle dipping
As the name suggests, that this type of candle wick dipping in wax production. This process is repeated until the desired shape and thickness of the candle is made​​.
Candle is kneaded
In this type of candle making, hot wax is poured in the pot or pots and kept in a tank at a constant temperature heat, to knead by hand on the ground. This delicate as a candle with lots of ornaments or hand-shaped candles, flowers / fruit candles.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Making Candles from Beeswax


Historians believe that the first candles made ​​from beeswax in ancient Egypt, and despite thousands of years of continuous technological progress, beeswax, and still ranks among the best materials for making candles. In the world you can still find consolidated beeswax from the mold, ready for hour basis in craft stores and the beekeeper as a candle or perhaps a piece of Christmas tree, but with just a little extra time and effort of their own work for a lot less money, you can do your own candle of fine unrefined beeswax, which will be done with the room light fragrance.
If you do not have any chance of his bees, which will make it"technological miracle" that only they can produce, you may be able to buy the unrefined form as the raw material supplied to the local apiary. Well besides many merchants and industrial plants are also a wonder of honey bees also purchase right there - the apiary. Certainly, if at all possible, avoid buying beeswax in retail stores, but if there is no indication 100% pure beeswax. Namely, in order to have the largest and most diverse faster earnings profiles intermediaries, dealers and processors of beewax and parafin blended or other products that do not slow up as beeswax, does not smell like beeswax or have its attributes, but often look very much like a bee wax.
If you get or purchased the beeswax in the unprocessed form of the same should first be cleaned of dirt and remaining honey. Try to buy beeswax with which it has fewer impurities and honey. Especially ifthe honey fermented odor can significantly change your futurecandles. Put it all together you have bought in a special pot that you do not need, then pour over hot water and gradually heat up totemperatures of about 70-80 ° C. When the mixture is dissolved so keep some time around 10 - 15 minutes the temperature of liquids.Allow to cool and then remove your wax. Use the top of the wax as itis reserved by some kind of bottom trunje and the like. You candetach when the hot mixture by filtration through gauze.Now you have the wax is ready to create your candles. To get a lighter wax and bound calcium from the water and prevent water emulsion wax and add a liter of clean water and a kilogram of wax approximately 3 grams of oxalic acid. Each beekeeper will need to be separated so it was purchased in beeswax.


Friday, February 24, 2012

Chandelier made ​​of wooden twigs

                            Svecnjak od grancica

Required materials:

1) 5 wooden twigs - different length

2) cut from the thick wood base for the res-spark plugs, the number of branches, thickness of 0.5 cm

3) wood glue or silicone

4) color (if desired)

The procedure is: crossing branches and mutual sticking point about merging get candlesticks.

At the tips of twigs (parts must be aligned) stick stand res-candle.

Finally, you can paint the branches white.

Size candlesticks can be according to your wishes and the number of twigs.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Aromatherapy and Candles


Aromatherapy has long been known that the art of using plant oils used for the treatment, purification, and relaxation. Aromatherapy achieves harmony between body and mind that is often violated. If you want to incorporate aromatherapy into your offer, it is necessary to know that this is indeed a discipline-specific and requires not only a good physical therapist and masseur, but a good psychologist. Oils and essences used in aromatherapy treatments of a crucial impact on the quality and effectiveness of treatment.
Essential oils used in aromatherapy are highly concentrated, lighter than water (do not dissolve in water, but floating on the surface), are highly volatile and evaporate quickly. These aromatic essences is handled carefully and it is rarely used alone, and often in combination with some mild oil or in combination with water. The process of extraction, obtaining the essential oil is very complicated and time consuming, so it is not surprising that some of these oils are very expensive. Essential oils can be obtained from various parts of plants, the flower, root, leaf, seed .Impact on the human body essential oils exercise in 2 ways: through the senses of smell and through the bloodstream. Inhalation of vapors of essential oils quickly and effectively impact on humans.Given the highly concentrated essential oils easily penetrate skin. Essential oil can be used in several ways. Inhalation, rubbing, improvement of bathing water, rinsing the mouth and throat are just some of the ways to use essential oils. Inhalation with essential oils is a very good way to solve some problems, such as colds, but can not be used in people who suffer from asthma. Therapeutic massage can be based on the use of essential oils. Essential oils can be put in a diffuser or vaporizer (aroma lamps). Add a few drops of oil in the preheated water will fulfill a room fragrance Sense of smell that will provide a specific atmosphere. Bathing in water enriched with aromatic oil is also an experience that strengthens the senses. It is not uncommon even to the essential oils used in saunas. Water enriched with essential oil is used for spillover of stones, which further accelerates the detoxification of the body. Essential oils are used in making candles. Aromatherapy is actually very complex, because it provides a comprehensive feeling. Client can afford atmosphere using whatever means the entire allocator of aromatic oils. You can offer him a bath in water enriched with aromatic oil, enriched in the room smell aromatic candles. You can recommend him going to the sauna which uses water enriched with aromatic oil.You can give him a massage with essential oils, amended a specific scent of aromatic oils. But before you are able and able to advise clients in connection with aromatherapy, you must be fully aware of the complexity of this task. Aromatherapy is a whole philosophy, not just mixing oils to provide customer satisfaction.Since aromatherapy into the mode, the number of individuals, and various lounges, centers, etc. that want to incorporate aromatherapy into their services.Do not forget that the atmosphere is very important, so fire up aroma candles, turn on relaxing ambient music, turn off your mobilephone and television, and your body cleansing treatment can begin.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Bio Hopi Candles

Candles Hopi Indians

Hopi Tribe of Indians has left behind his beautiful candles, or tube, which are used not only therapeutic, but also spiritual purposes.

The origin of these candles do not know much, but it is assumed that they were used not only to the Hopi Indians, but many other nations of the world. Whenever there is a alternative doctors with Hopi candles, they hear the comments like "and my grandmother used to."

Evidence of the use of candles were found in Siberia, Egypt, Europe and America. It is known that the Hopi candles are effective not only physical, but subtle and spiritual level. For example, some people have used candles for the purpose of purification and spiritual initiation. Travel insurance also reflect the fact that the candles release blockages in the body and establishes a normal energy flow. On the physical level, the flame of a burning candle creates a slight vacuum and vital heat, which gently massages the ear and stimulates the natural cleansing process of ear cerumen.

It is assumed that the candle also works to stimulate the work of the sinuses and ear acupuncture points. Treatment with candles is very relaxing, and therefore can be used for insomnia,headaches, stress and for the purpose of meditation. The treatment lasts 10-15 minutes, but its effect lasts up to 24 hours,during which relieves ear cerumen deposits and establishes abnormal energy flow.

Bio Hopi candles can be used for many health problems, for example, blockage of the ear, colds and flu, sinusitis, rhinitis, headache, noises in the ear.


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fast Candle Making Info

Rooms in the house or apartment should be an oasis of peace and relaxing place in which to stay after a busy day. With a little creativity you can make beautiful scented candles that will brighten up your space and create a unique atmosphere.

We bring you a proven recipe for candle wax from the plant, which is made from soybean oil. Of course, it's not about edible soybeans have a natural alternative to paraffin. Not only that but it will smell better and last twice as long.

You will need:
- Wicks for candles
- Scouring Wicks                
- Soy wax flakes
- Bits of wax
- Color
- Mold
- Fragrant oil
- Pots for cooking
- Wooden spoon

Sheets of wax put in a pot and heat over low heat and allow to become liquid.

During this time, prepare the mold. At the bottom should have a small hole through which you can pull the wick, which must be twice longer than the mold.

Firstly thread the wick through the sponge, and then the metal part that is usually supplied with a wick. When you do this at the top firmly tie the knot.

Thread the wick tied through the mold so that you sponge touches the bottom of the pan. Attach it to stick on the other side and tie.Make sure to stay in the middle.

In the mold, add pieces of wax. Do you have an old candle, you can dismember and use.

The melted wax, add color and fragrant oil. Stir until the mixture does not melt, then pour into the mold.

Wax can be squeezed until it cools, so you can still occasionally refill the hot wax if you want to stay regular.

After 24 hours you can take out a candle from the mold.

It is best to do it before the wax hardens completely. Why? The bottom of the mold is actually the upper part of the candle, so it would be desirable that the part that is attached to a stick cut as close to the candle. The rest you will easily be impressed if a candle has completely hardened.

Turn the mold so that you can cut the part attached to the sponge and remove the finished candle. Be careful not to cut off too, because it is out with a candle that will burn.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Making Candle from Gel Wax

Gel Wax  is a special kind of wax prepared in the form of jelly (gel), and is characterized by much slower burning than regular candles. Gel wax allows unlimited combinations of the "game" in the creation of their own decorative candles, which, again with the addition of smell, and can be scented.

WAX GEL program includes:

- Transparent (colorless, transparent) gel wax packaged in smaller and larger doses and buckets
- Pigments for coloring gel wax (yellow, orange, green, red, blue)
- Gel wax colors, packaged in small doses (yellow, orange, blue, red and green)
- Special wick to gel wax (8 and 15 cm)
To create a decorative candle gel wax ideal variety of glass, transparent cups, bowls and other interesting containers made of glass.

Gel wax is to be made candles, should be first dissolved in a wide bowl with shallower water (half filled with water to containers) put the container with gel wax (preferably a glass jar or tin with a wide aperture or similar container with a handle for easy handling ) and heated at a temperature of 90-95 ° C until all the gel wax is melted and become liquid. During the whole operation is best to leave the container with water and gel wax at high temperature on the stove so that the gel wax remains in the liquid state.
Melting wax should monitor and ensure that the vessel is always enough water!

NOTE: Gel wax MUST NOT melt in the microwave!


Candles can made in two ways:
- Layer after layer of colored gel wax - after each pouring wax into a glass container should wait until the previous one squeezed, cooled
- Color mixing and dilution with a transparent gel wax - colored gel (alone or in combination with a transparent gel) is poured on each other without cooling)
The procedure consists in the fact that the selected glass cup or bowl first set up the wick with a metal plate (add a decorative material of choice, or skip this part) allow to gel wax wick which is attached to cool completely and then flow the liquid gel layer by layer or at once. To insert the wick, there are two ways - on that later.


To prepare the candles used by all types of glass, translucent glass and container. For the decoration of candles can be used natural and artificial materials - shells, stones, sand, coins, various figurines (made of glass, wood, plastic and plaster, and some mass-FIMO modeling, Quantity, etc.), beads, dried flowers and twigs, sand, wax, etc. If you intend to use a candle for use, it is necessary to avoid flammable decorative materials. Decorative materials are placed along the wall of the cup or bowl so that the gel attached, or tap into the gel has cooled somewhat in the glass - watch out for the decorative materials that are not next to the wick, if the candle will be in use. The partially cooled gel can be easily inject tiny pebbles or beads, which will remain scattered somewhere in the gel.

It can be installed in 2 ways: before and after filling gel. If placed before the filling, then the metal plate soaked in gel wax and a wick is placed at the bottom of the cup in the middle, waiting to be totally cool - squeezed gel around the wick continues to adding gel and add decorative materials. Wick in the course of work can not move, so you can help with the two sticks that you abide by the wick, or one arm and another way adhere to work with the gel. Another way to put the wick after filling gel - glasses are filled with gel and possibly decorative materials, let it cool completely and then heated metal needle penetrate the gel in the middle of the cup and insert the wick (this time without the metal plate). Wick should be cut so that protrudes above the surface about 5 mm - otherwise it creates a high cut-off fuse, and burns, unsightly stains on the surface of gel candles.


If you want to get a candle - a clear and transparent, wax is poured slowly into a heated glass (glass can be warmed up with hairdryer).
If you want to get the bubbles to the wax flows in an unheated glass from a height, in a thin stream, and after filling the mixed gel wand - while working with gel wax, you will also discover many opportunities to create additional effects.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Decoration with Candles

Candles bring energy into the room of fire, which encourages passion, and helping to attract attention. Lighted candles will bring a touch of romance to your home, and at high candelabra will act very elegant.
By properly selecting the candle your home can exude a relaxing atmosphere. Arranged the candles inside the fireplace appear to be very effective for relaxation. Also, you can enjoy in the bathroom lit by a candle light. Mirror, as a base for candles, will increase the amount of light and work very effectively.
By combining complementary colors of candles can achieve an interesting atmosphere. Also, you can choose colors to match the current season. Candles can be placed in combination with floral arrangements, materials from nature, or to boost their attractiveness to the proximity of the corresponding color of the fabric.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Process of Making Candles at Home without Kits

Making candles at home workshop can be a fun hobby, regardless of whether priests pretend to be a gift or a purely because of your enjoyment.
Maybe yours first examples are not the best and will not succeed, but you will with a little experimentation and personal creativity after several fail attempts to make a candle just what you wanted and you will not regret the time you invested in this hobby.
To make candles you will be required following material:
wax (paraffin or natural, can be purchased in pharmacies and stores equipment for beekeepers), wick (it can be purchased at stores textile, thread and materials for upholstery),mold for casting candles (he can use anything: plastic bottles, molds for pastry, cardboard rolls of toilet paper, choose your own),vessels for melting wax (old kitchen equipment that you no longer use for food preparation),thermometer (the best would be a laboratory, graduated to 100 degrees Celsius),odors and dyes.
First you need to decide which wax to use, most commonly used paraffin waxes.
Beeswax can also be thankful, even a way to making candles without melting, but we'll talk some other time.
Wax is melted in a water bath. Water bath is the simplest right by a larger container and fill it halfway with water heated in the stove, and put the smaller one, in which the wax burn.
When the wax has melted, you can add it dye or scent, but according to personal preference. Waxes received excellent color and can dye them by various means, and you can try to paint pieces of wax. When it comes to fragrances, odors are dedicated to candles, pretty pricey, but you can experiment instillation of essential oils and essences.
The molds for casting candles should be a hole at the bottom. If you do it with those rolls of paper towels, make your own bottom, back of a stronger cardboard or plywood or similar material, and then in the middle of the bottom of the drill hole. Snips the wick 10 centimeters longer than the length of candles. At one end of the wick tie a knot, then slide it down through the hole at the bottom of the mold. At the top of the mold primer bind to a pencil or similar oblong object and make sure that the wick is centered (in the middle of the mold). If the pile of cardboard or plastic, then you will not heating wax to a temperature higher than 55 degrees Celsius to give you the vessel would not be deformed by heat. If you have a pile of metal, then feel free to heat up the wax to the temperature of 80-85 degrees, which is optimal for casting candles. If the wax are too warm, can happen to you on the surface appearance of bubbles, and if it is too cold, bubbles will appear inside the candle. Enjoy lightly wax into the mold. In multilayered colored candle each ring joins the previous cooled and hardened.
If flies candles in containers, small cans, cups and similar containers, then it would be advisable to dip the wick in advance of melted wax, cut off the desired length, then it again with a pencil centering in the vessel.
Poured candles cool at least 12 hours.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Candle Making Business

Decisions about the handling of candle making is one of the best ideas for small business. It is a business in which you can be playing with his creativity in forming different kinds of wax candles. From candles for religious customs up to relaxing aromatic candles. Range of products is very broad, and each can find something for yourself. each type of candle has a particular market and the quality work you can certainly bring profits. Today, candles are used by a variety of occasions such as birthdays, holidays, festivals and weddings even accessories up to the interior decorating. So I think the candle making business a good idea for all people who love to do creative and artistic-oriented jobs. Here are a few things you must know before you starts doing candle making as a business.
The latest information
Collect a large amount of information about candles and you have to identify what information is important to you. Gather information on the latest market trends. Must find out the selling price as a candle and the purchase price supplies and raw materials. Leave the house and go to places where candles are sold in order to see and what kind of people buy certain types of candles. See also various types of candles and their characteristics, what are the forms, what they pack, what kind of decorations are used, what the quality of their wax, so you just have to know which products are on the market.
Learn and Earn
If you want to go in this business you must know that the most important quality. Candles as the product is not expensive, so people who buy candles lot of attention to the quality. The only path to success in the business of candle making is a quality product. Just so you can go ahead and to all those involved in candle making are well aware. Seeks the knowledge of various methods of making and candle making quality.
Candle Making Business From Home
Because the capital investment is something that obviously as in any business you must decide how much will cost you this venture.Be equally ready and on earnings and on possible losses in the business of making candles. Working with as many kinds of candle as this will improve techniques of making candles. So you will get better and you will have less errors. This will help in the process of creating a unique idea which is very important in this business.Your a unique product on the market is almost a sure sign of success in the market making candles.
Marketing Strategies
Take their products to fairs and present them to customers. Use every available opportunity for the presentation of your products.Make Internet campaign through social networks. Organize competitions and workshops for making candles. Connect with many associations prefer to make a candle from home, etc.
Hard Work and Positive Attitude
This is a business which seeks to work hard in the beginning but it has many rewards. Need to create their own brand of the mass to the finished candle. But once you make a name in the candle making everything else will go uphill. Candle making offers great mental satisfaction when you see what you all are able to make from your ten fingers. Some candles will look magnificent and you will be hard pressed to specify a price. In such cases feel free, give large numbers because art has never been cheap. Be patient and work hard. Go step by step. Play with ideas. Get your share of the pie on market of making candles.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Candle Making for Beginners

This text I have bestowed all that he wants to begin to deal with making candles at home and how interested they would have to invest in this art. At the beginning and later on these investments are minimized. It does not matter whether you want to deal with candle making as a hobby or do you want to improve your household budget and increase your income is the best way to go from the fundamentals and not to engage in beginning to advanced techniques and kits. Once you've mastered in basics the right way every other Improvement shall be easy and very interesting. All you need to start is a basic kit for beginners that you can easily make your first candle. Advantage of the basic kits for beginners is that you get it all you need to make candles. You will not have to spend your time and money going to purchase the supplies, because you have in the kit all you need. These kits can be found in almost every city in the world, so be sure to look for beginner candle making kit at your local store. In the store you can get the information  about kit that fits for you and inquire the actual prices of more advanced kits. In future posts I will tell you about my experiences with the kits for making candles ( basics and advance ) and if anybody have a questions please contact me and I will help you. To return to the story, then you bought the percent beginner candle making kit for the first Read the instructions and get to work. And not only do these kits save time and money ( because they contain all the supplies for making candles ) and they save you energy so that you can completely focus on the creativity in making candles. As for creativity, my advice is to introduce children to help you in making candle as it is known that children are very imaginative and full of creativity. You will certainly be positively surprised by some of their ideas. We are all adults trapped in the reality and the kids are not. They see the world through play, and often think of art and aesthetics outside the box. Mostly just buy the first basic kit for making candles and you'll see how it would feel after the first made candles and once you have mastered all the basic rules and techniques you'll wish you safe and get some more advanced kits and supplies for making candles. When you discover the world of candle making will probably discover your own method for creating your own unique candles. My best advice is to just let your imagination wild.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Candle Making Safety

While the majority of the tips in this article do pretty obvious andfamiliar yet startling fact is how fires annually cause the irresponsible handling of hot wax.


  1. Always be ready and hold close to several boxes of baking soda and fire extinguisher.
  2. Never use water from a fire candle wax as this will only spread fire.
  3. Treat burned wax candles as well as burning fat or oil.
  4. Always supervise the process of melting wax.
  5. Always use a clean tool for making candles and must clean the furnace before melting wax.
  6. Keep flammable materials away from your work environment.
  7. Follow the manufacturer's instructions and pay attention to safety tips from the instructions.
  8. Adjust the heat on the stove still needs to go gradually from low to high temperatures. 
  9. Never adjust immediately to the maximum heat furnaces.
  10. Use the wax melter or double boiler and do not wax exhibitdirectly to the heat source.
  11. Required to wear protective clothing as prescribed by the suppliers of materials used for making candles.
  12. Working environment must be ventilated and never work in a completely enclosed space.
  13. Candle making supplies to keep out of reach of children.
  14. Ecologically remove any waste arising during the process of making candles.
  15. Set the smoke alarm in the room in which you make candles.
  16. Working area must be flat and protected.
  17. Keep close to a bucket of cold water in case of minor burns and never use that water for fire fighting.
  18. In case of serious burns must go to the hospital and doctors for help.

It was a couple of tips intended for those who are engaged in this interesting and useful occupation and to avoid the dangers that lurk in the game with wax.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Welcome message

Hi All,

I am quite excited and proud to welcome you on my first blog ever.

I honestly hope that my experience in candles making will provide you with quality information which you can use for your own benefit, either with your hobby or with your business.

Looking forward to everybody joining me in this adventure,
Sincerely Yours,
Candle Making Guru